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Executive Coaching is a tool designed to optimize resources and corporate relationships. It contributes to the development of people and maximizes their development processes: empowerment, interpersonal communication, problem-solving, goal orientation, stress management, among others.

We assist the professional or the working team in the achievement of goals and in the design of objectives to reach effective results for their problems.  

Available products:

  1. Executive Individual Coaching

The goal is to contribute to the development of the person´s potential and to transform problems into growth opportunities for the achievement of personal goals.

The interventions are adjusted to the development of skills such as: decision making, conflict management, and personal Outplacement program.

  1. Executive Team Coaching

The goal of the sessions of Executive Team Coaching is to align a working team to the mission, vision and values of the company by restructuring their beliefs and defining clear and reachable objectives. The interventions are adjusted to processes of change, adaptation to new tasks, resolution of conflicts, and improvements in the working environment.

We work together with the company, listen to their needs, and design the project for improvements.

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