"Human resources in the hands of specialists"



For the company: It makes easier for the management to make decisions since separated employees receive a human and correct treatment. It keeps a positive image within and outside the company. It reduces the impact of changes in the company and avoids the decrease of clients´ experience and of the company productivity.

For the employees: It helps employees to understand their temporal situation of unemployment. It also provides persons with information, instruments and procedures to make a search based on the needs of each worker facing a labor transition. It is helpful to handle emotional reactions in an unemployment situation. Outplacement provides people with tools and techniques to face the search of a new job by discovering their own strength. It also offers them to develop self employment options.


Executive Outplacement  

It is exclusively aimed at executives and managers and its main focus is to turn the termination process into an opportunity of change.

During the whole transition process, the executive counts with an information center; a market information database; assistance in the evaluation of strengths and weaknesses; and different supporting elements to undertake the new stages of focalization on his/her career.

Individuals Area/Coacher-Sponsor

It provides counseling for those active workers who may face a crisis at the prospect of a change of company, functional area, business, city, or country.

This is a dynamic coaching through which people work on their projects. Not only they analyze realistic goals and objectives but also the best way to achieve them.

Group Outplacement

It is designed for the administration, technical and operational personnel of your company. We count with specially designed programs whose objective is to provide professional care in the orientation, training and follow up in their labor transition.

Group Outplacement counts with a consultant to assure the correct assimilation of the different stages of the program. 

Both programs start with intensive group workshops about career transition towards a salaried job, self-employment business, or active retirement and they are accompanied by an expert consultant.



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